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Upon completion of the buildout and opening of the bar in September of 2015, we focused our efforts on obtaining our federal license to legally distill. During this waiting period we continued building out the distillery, performed countless experiments and infusions, and acquired the equipment and tools we would need upon getting approved. In the spring of 2016 we finally were given the green light to distill, starting on a 3 gallon test still and working on our way up to the current 26 gal stills used to make our gins.  By distilling our gins in such small batches, we ensure that every batch is hand crafted with extra time and attention.

Each batch is individually crafted, starting with the infusion of our botanical blends, which are carefully measured, muddled, and zested. After a determined time specific to each spirit type, the blend of botanicals is then removed from the infused spirit, is then placed into the gin basket, and then distilled. The distillation process takes between 6-8 hours to complete. The spirit is then chilled filtered and proofed down to bottle strength.

We are putting the final touches on the distillery with the hope of having weekend tours available to the public by early spring of 2017. Stay tuned for updates on special distillation events, new releases, and gin workshops.